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With the increasing need for privacy and hiding from the hackers, it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to VPN’s. Especially if you come from a country that blocks particular websites.

HideMyAss has servers in nearly 200 countries so you can continue using the web – world wide I may add, like a local, far from home.

Using a VPN gives you the privacy and freedom, without the worry of being tracked or having personal information stolen.

The company themselves strive to make the customer feel like their service is absolutely tailored to them. Their strategies to make everything more convenient for you certainly win me over. Every feature has the customer in mind and that’s a great way to run a service like this.

Ease of Use

The program itself is very user friendly with a great and easy to follow design. A novice to a pro could use this program with ease and reap the benefits straight away.

Also – HideMyAss, Isn’t just for computers, it covers your other technologies too. Such as your mobile phone… yeah, you should probably get that covered…

There are 3 modes you can choose from, as well as automatically logging into a preference you have set.

Instant Mode

Connects you to the fastest and nearest server to you. So, it is undoubtedly the quickest way to get yourself secure, especially in a rush. Just one click and your IP address is hidden and your privacy safe, there’s no real excuse not to use it!

Location Mode

You’ve guessed it – you can choose your desired location from a huge list of countries. Maybe you want to choose one from Spain or China, the choice is yours.

Freedom Mode

It’s got a nice ring to it, hasn’t it? This will connect you to the nearest free-speech country to you. Germany has stricter rules regarding internet content for example, so by using this feature you could continue browsing the net under the IP of another country with less control issues. It’s certainly a hand feature to have.

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VPN Location


Over 190 countries, Hide My Ass has near 300 locations and nearly 1000 servers. That’s pretty extensive! See the comprehensive HMA! server list here.

If you take a look at the map that includes China, UK, USA, Spain, Turkey and so many more!

There are a couple of ways you can narrow down the list as well:

Not only can you choose the country but you can narrow down the city and make a favourites list. As if this programme wasn’t fast enough already, it just keeps on getting better and more personalised.

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The least favourite part of the process for many but you’ll be glad to know the prices for Hide My Ass are extremely competitive. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee – sounds good to me!

Can you really put a price on privacy? Not really, you want to stay safe while staying connected.

If you a long term investment into your privacy, the 12 month deal is the best value but if you only want a month (maybe you are going on holiday and want a temporary fix), the 1 month rolling contract could be for you. You can cancel it at any time too.

These are great savings for a pro product like this and well worth the money. You should note however, there is no free version or trial, currently.

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It’s no surprise that Hide My Ass ambiguously logs some user data, most VPN sites do the same. The type of data they log varies depending on the site however. Hide My Ass does cover this in their terms and conditions. When you sign up to the service, they store your details such as name, email address etc and payment information but they only keep it for as long as they have to. In terms of the VPN service, they do keep a log of connections and disconnections, and data transmitted. While you might feel that unneccesary, some data is needed to ensure the service stays running smoothly and so bugs can be spotted and fixed as quickly as possible. It gives them valuable insight to their IP’s and under performance. So while you might find this a kick in the teeth, remember it’s actually for your benefit but that’s not to say it won’t hinder you, if you have reasons of why this type of data shouldn’t be logged.

They are looking out for the needs of their customer and the minority will be affected by this while the majority reap the benefits of the updates and improvements. Onwards and upwards.

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It’s true that using different VPN’s and IP’s will impact on the speed of the service, usually you would fear the worst but don’t count your glass half empty yet. Hide My Ass only falls slightly under the top VPN site for speed buy 3%, which is good, according to PCmag.com. It means that streaming music or streaming videos will be possible and still enjoyable. No one likes a jumpy or buffering movie.

You have to expect a slight decrease in speed for any VPN service but if it’s tolerable and you don’t really want to download much. You’ll probably get the most out of the speed.

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Customer support

When it comes to customer support, we are all different and prefer different methods. You’ll be glad to know that help really is only a click away. With an extensive community, helping to build knowledge and solve issues, it’s tough not to be impressed by the level of help available.

In the community, you can read other people’s threads to find answer or ask questions yourself. If that doesn’t work, you can contact Hide My Ass through submitting a request.

What I like most however is the ability the search the help files in this handy box, which appears for me at the bottom right of the page.

You can see I chose ‘Slow Speed’ as a topic and already there are helpful suggestions matching my search. If I’m not satisfied by this, I can contact their live support where an operator will do their best to assist me over 24/7 (breaks permitting).

No awkward phone calls and no embarrassment, just super cool ways to in contact and get your issues sorted, in Pro time.

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9.4 Total Score
Good choice for anyone

A quick tally of benefits including a minimal impact on overall speed, the very reasonable pricing options, excellent customer service, a lack of connectivity issues, and the stylish appearance all point to HMA! Pro being a good VPN choice for anyone.

Ease of use
  • Countries: 221
  • IP Adresses: 126,000+
  • Servers: 934
  • Get 43% off the yearly package
  • Check more PROs here
  • Data logging
  • Support needs improvement

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