How to Unblock Websites in China

China has very strict control over the Internet used by the residents of the country, as well as those who are visiting the nation. It features technologically advanced filtering, which allows the government to have far greater control and regulation of what people can see and do when they are online. The goal was to censor items that the government felt were not appropriate for their people, such as gambling sites, violent sites, and others that may have had what was deemed as harmful material.

The result of this was that many sites are impossible to reach in China. This includes social networking sites, blogs that have a political nature, and many types of media, including streaming media. Of course, many who are in China, whether they are residing there or are there on business, want to have full and unfettered access to the web. Fortunately, it is possible.

Getting Around the Blocks

The restrictions in China, and anywhere else there are restrictions for that matter, are based on a person’s IP. When someone in China signs onto the web through their Chinese ISP, their IP shows them as being in China, naturally. Therefore, they automatically have sites blocked. The best and safest way to get around this problem is using a VPN or, virtual private network.

How Does the VPN Work?

When you have a VPN service, you still need to have your own ISP. However, when you sign in to the VPN, it appears as if you are visiting sites from another country entirely. This makes it easy to circumvent the blocks and to see the content that you want and need. In addition to changing the IP address, the VPN will encrypt and secure your connection whether you are using a desktop or laptop, or even a mobile device. This can provide you with more overall security.

While you can choose VPNs that provide servers in various locations around the world, it is generally a good idea to choose those that have servers in countries that have more web freedom. The UK and the United States tend to be good examples. If you are in China and have a VPN with servers in the United States, you can watch Hulu and Netflix with the US catalog, which tends to have a larger variety.

Choosing the Right VPN

You need to choose a VPN that will be right for your needs. If you are only going to be visiting websites and social media sites, speed might not be important to you. However, those who want to stream will want to have the fastest connections possible so they can have a good experience while watching videos. The same is true for those who are playing games online and who need to have the fastest connection possible. Always look at the speed offered, as well as the uptime. This will give you an idea of just how reliable the VPN will be when you are using it.

Most of the VPN options on the market are in a similar price range, so price is rarely a factor on your search. However, if you see options that are free or that have extremely low prices, it might be a good idea to avoid them. They may not be capable of providing you with a quality service regardless of what they might claim.

You should also look at the policies of the VPN service when you are making your choice. You do not want the Chinese government to know what you are doing online, so make sure the company you choose takes your privacy and anonymity seriously.

Once you choose your VPN and have paid for the service, you should be ready to go. Start surfing with the freedom the Internet is supposed to have.

Enjoy the Benefits

When you start using a VPN, you will then be able to enjoy all the benefits it offers. You can get around the blocks to access social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can watch videos on YouTube, and you can even stream from different services, such as Netflix or Hulu, so long as it is allowed through your VPN.

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