SpyOFF VPN is a pretty solid service provider which has many perks and features to offer its customers. Although it’s not the best service available, it is definitely up there. It’s the new kid on the block and it’s really starting to make a name for itself and gain some traction in the world of cybersecurity and online privacy. Its fresh face means it currently flies under the radar and provides outstanding security.

Ease of Use                                 

SpyOFF VPN is very easy to get going with, however, it can be difficult for people who aren’t quite so technologically advanced to navigate. On desktop computers, it is as simple as installing the software from your SpyOFF account page and then running it.

SpyOFF cannot be automatically configured, however, so you will need to set everything up yourself. If you are completely new to VPNs then you may have some trouble here, but there are plenty of guides available on the website.

Everything needs to be done manually, though. From launching the software to choosing a server and connecting to it. If you like convenient and automated VPNs then this one may not be for you, unfortunately.

VPN Location

At the moment you can access over 395 servers spanning across 21 countries, including major Wester, South East Asian and Middle Eastern countries. There are over 14,000 IP addresses active now, too.

This is very impressive given that SpyOFF is the “new kid on the block” and has not been around for very long. When it comes to the number of servers, there is a suitable one for every single user.


SpyOFF VPN has a very simple pricing model which is refreshing, especially when you consider that many VPN providers have lots of different membership options, price points and payment plans.

With SpyOFF, you can choose between three different plans. You can either pay monthly at £10.99, bi-annually at £8.99 per month or get 16 months for £4.70 per month. You’ll be happy to hear that all these options come with a zero-obligation free trial which lasts 15 days. So, whilst you do have to commit to SpyOFF to take advantage of this trial, you can cancel at any time.

Pricing starts at EUR6.99 per month for their Premium plan and EUR9.99 for their Starter plan. Payment methods include the typical credit cards and PayPal, but also includes Bitcoin for added security.


When it comes to privacy and overall internet security, SpyOFF completely covers your back and this is exactly what makes it one of the best VPNs out there right now, especially so far as the new VPN providers are concerned.

Should your connection to the SpyOFF service drop then it has your back covered with an inbuilt kill switch too. A kill switch terminates your internet connection completely which prevents sites from seeing your identity should your connection to the VPN service fail. On top of its excellent speed and performance (see below), their commitment to privacy makes SpyOFF a great choice.


With SpyOFF you won’t struggle in the speed department, and it doesn’t hinder your basic connection. Although there’s the unavoidable and typical increase in ping which comes with using a VPN – even the best VPN services can’t avoid this – download and uploads speeds remain consistent across the board and, in some regions, you can see an increase in download speeds!

This means that if you are using SpyOFF to watch videos on YouTube, catch up on Netflix in a different country or are downloading stuff through P2P torrenting then you will not be hindered in the slightest and can enjoy an unfettered experience.

Customer Support

SpyOFF can be a little slow when it comes to customer support. There are many reported cases of it taking the company longer than a day to get back to people using their email support service, and the answers provided aren’t always great.

That being said, SpyOFF are much more responsive and provide much better answers through their social media profiles for basic-level questions. If you have a very technical question, then you are likely to be redirected to their email support. There is an extensive FAQ and knowledgebase on the SpyOFF website, though.


9.2 Total Score

  • Countries: 21
  • IP Addresses: 14000+
  • Servers: 395
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