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Looking for a VPN with the strength to stand up against the threats your data and privacy faces every time you get online? Military-grade encryption with speed to match? Well, Strong VPN offers the best of both worlds. Let’s see if they have the strength to overcome the completion.

Ease of Use

Strong VPN has made installation and connection simple. Just download the software for your devices and once you install, your VPN is ready to go. The user interface looks and feels “old-school” with dropdown menus and the like, but it functions just as well as any other. No elaborate configurations needed. Just choose your desired VPN location, click “connect,” and you are good to go.

Strong VPN covers a vast array of operating systems and devices. All major operating systems, as well as different versions of them, are covered – including Windows phones. With one subscription, you are able to log in from multiple devices, so no matter where you go or how often you switch devices, you’ll have Strong VPN’s protection.

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VPN Location

Having a VPN is all well and good for keeping your information secure, but it isn’t much help if there are no nearby servers. Fortunately, Strong VPN has you covered in 43 cities in 20 countries. The majority of their cities are in either the United States or the United Kingdom. This makes sense, since they are a U.S.-based company, however, if you are located in South America or Africa you won’t find any nearby servers. This means that you can expect slow internet speeds and buffering.

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Pricing is clear with Strong VPN. They offer a monthly and a yearly package, and you get the same service with both. The only difference is that you get a huge discount for going the yearly route. Still, regardless of which package you choose, they are more expensive than many of the other VPN services on the market. But then again, they offer services that other VPNs do not. Finally, Strong VPN comes with a 5-day money back guarantee. A money-back guarantee always makes purchasing easier, but 5 days seems kind of short.

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Military grade encryption is all that you could possibly ask for when it comes to keeping your data secure, and Strong VPN has that. They offer up to 2048-bit encryption, when most other services are running at 256 bit. This means that your data is virtually hack-proof while connected to the VPN. Hackers will never see it, ISPs can’t snoop, and governmental bodies can’t lock you out. You can browse, stream, and torrent without having to worry if someone is looking over your metaphorical shoulder.

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When it comes to speed, Strong VPN races with the best of them. Sure, there is a little slowdown due to the level of encryption Strong VPN uses, but it is hardly noticeable. No slow loading of images while browsing or buffering while streaming. And if you do experience some slow down, Strong VPN has a series of FAQs to guide you through solving the issues.

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Customer support

When you click through the tabs on Strong VPN’s support page, you’ll find plenty of information. They have VPN FAQ’s to help you get the most out of your VPN, information about billing so you aren’t left scratching your head about the process, and detailed VPN setup instructions for a long list of operating systems and devices, such as the Amazon Fire and DD-WRT routers.

You’ll also find a tab for direct support from an agent. You have to fill out a form and wait for an agent to get back with you. Strong VPN claims to provide 24/7 support, which is great, but that support requires a wait. And you never know how long the wait is going to be.

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6.9 Total Score
It has what you need

A name like Strong VPN comes with expectations, and it meets them all. Encryption levels exceed most VPN services and speeds are as good as you are going to find out. Strong VPN may not have the flashiest user interface, the price may be a bit higher than other services, but if privacy and internet anonymity is what you are looking for, Strong VPN has what you need.

Ease of use
  • Countries: 22
  • Servers: 43
  • No live chat

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