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Looking for a VPN service that has all the tools you need to keep your information private? Need a VPN but you don’t have much to spend. Well, Total VPN prides themselves as being both. Let’s find out if they are truly the total package.

Ease of Use


Total VPN has simple controls that are easy to navigate. It only takes a matter of moments to sign up for an account, download the app, and connect to a server. The automated configuration makes it simple to connect to the servers best suited to your purpose, and you’ll always know whether you’re connected by simply glancing at the dialog box.

Total VPN supports a variety of operating systems and devices, including major gaming consoles and the Amazon Fire. But what’s missing is Linux and Chromecast. When you bill yourselves as total solution, one would expect connectivity with a much larger list of devices.

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VPN Location



With 30 + locations worldwide, Total VPN may be a little light on servers, but you don’t have to set up an account to find out the location of their servers. Just click on their Locations page and you can see for yourself. And taking this up-front approach a step further, they even let their potential customers know the cities in which their servers are located, along with their current loads. It’s nice to know what you are getting yourself into before opening up your wallet.

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total_priceOn the surface, Total VPN looks like they can’t be beat when it comes to price. They offer access to 3 locations with limited bandwidth and data transfer for no charge. Let’s face it, you can’t beat free, especially if you don’t mind your speed limited to 2Mb/second, or being perpetually prompted to upgrade to a paid account. They also offer a monthly package for full access to their servers, at a price that still beats most the competition.


But the reality is, the monthly rate Total VPN advertises is only for new customers for the initial term. Total VPN isn’t up front about the length of the initial term, nor do they make it easy to find out how much you will be paying if you continue to be a customer. To find out what the actual price is, you have scroll to the bottom of the page and then click on a link for a pop-over.

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Total VPN emphasizes their ability to keep your data safe, secure, and private. You’ll get the industry standard 256-bit encryption that is virtually bulletproof against hackers, ISPs, and governmental monitoring. You’ll be able to conduct business and banking on public Wi-Fi without having to worry about exposing your sensitive information.

Total VPN boasts that through their zero monitoring policy, they do not log your actions while on their VPN. While this may be true, according to their privacy policy they do work with third parties to offer services and they do log IP address to “analyze trends, administer our website and servers, track access, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use.”

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If you are using a free account with Total VPN, you can’t expect to do any streaming, and file sharing will slow to a crawl. Worse yet, you might even receive a “timed out” error waiting for one of the three servers to connect. But hey, you can’t expect more than that for free.

A premium account is the way to go with Total VPN. You’ll get much more speed, especially since Total VPN’s user interface allows you to choose a VPN connection built for speed. There’s a little buffering at first, but it all gets going for that streaming experience you expect from today’s internet.

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Customer support


If you can’t figure something out, you want customer support, and you want it now. Total VPN has help center with installation guides and a knowledge base filled with FAQs, along with the ability to open a trouble ticket with customer support. You also have the option to start a chat. The issue with this option is that you have to enter an email address, not to mention that there is no guarantee that there is anyone on the other side of the chat.

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7.5 Total Score
Best value!

Total VPN has some nice features. Their app is easy to configure, and it does all the heavy lifting for you to get you on the right server. And the price is pretty nice too, if you aren’t looking to do a whole lot on your VPN. Otherwise, Total VPN is lacking in many areas, most notably its small number of server locations and the fact that the true cost of a premium account is concealed. It just doesn’t measure up to other VPN services

Ease of use
  • Free to use
  • Easy to configure
  • No Linux support
  • Ambiguous privacy policy
  • Hidden premium pricing scale
  • Only 150 server locations
  • Only in 52 countries

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