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IPVanish is a VPN service that promises to help you get around censorship filters, connect you to the fastest VPNs on the planet, and browse the internet without leaving a trace. It’s easy to make promises, but it’s another matter to actually deliver on them. So does IPVanish pass the test? Today we’ll find out. Let’s get started!

Ease of Use

For the average person opening up IPVanish, it can look like you’re opening a command center when you launch the program. But luckily, as intimidating as it may look, IPVanish is actually pretty simple to use. On the home page you are presented with a map, a list of servers to connect to, and a connect button placed in the top right hand corner of the screen.



All you have to do is select the server of your choice (it’s recommended that you pick the one closest to your actual location) and click connect. Once you click connect, you will be prompted to enter your login information so have that ready. You will have to do this every time, so be sure to click the box to save your credentials if you don’t want to login every time.

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VPN Location


A great selling point of IPVanish is the sheer number of different servers you can connect to. With IPVanish you can connect to more than 500 servers in over 60 different countries with more than 40,000 different IP addresses.

If you’re a person that values your privacy, or just likes to have choices, it’s going to be hard to beat the selection that IPVanish has.

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At $10 a month, IPVanish is going to be one of the pricier VPN services on the market. If you want to save a little money you can purchase three months of IPVanish for $8.99 a month or purchase a year for $6.49 a money; which saves you approximately 46% off of your annual bill.


Naturally the higher price is bound to turn off people who like things for free or close to it, but for the people who like to pay a little more for something better it’s unlikely to cause any fuss. If you’re not satisfied, there’s a 7 day money back guarantee; which is more than enough to time give it a try.

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With 256-bit AES encryption, you can feel secure in the assumption that neither government nor hacker is snooping in on your online browsing. IPVanish also has a strict policy of against collecting connection or activity logs, and no meta data is stored, so you don’t have to fret over having any of your data sold for profit.

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In the speed department, IPVanish performs admirably. As with most VPN services, you will find that your overall internet speed will go down but luckily with IPVanish you hardly notice. You’ll still be able to stream online content, download movies and browse Facebook, it just might take two seconds to load instead of one.

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Customer support

ipvanish_supportUnfortunately, one of the places that IPVanish fails to shine as bright is in its customer service department. Although the Support page of its website has a few helpful guides, the actual support is less than stellar.

To start, there is no Live Chat option on the support page; which helps cut down a lot of time for people with simple issues. You can ask public questions or send the support staff an e-mail, but you’ll find yourself waiting a bit longer than other services.

That being said, IPVanish runs pretty smoothly so, more often than naught, you won’t find yourself spending too much time on the customer support page.


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7.2 Total Score

Despite having less than stellar customer support and the fact that it sits on the pricier end of the spectrum, IPVanish is still a solid VPN service that's worth trying out.It's got a great selection of servers and locations to choose from, it doesn't destroy your internet speed, and it's service dedicated to keep your information anonymous and protected; all of which are things you want in a good VPN service.

Ease of Use
  • Selection of servers
  • Highest encryption
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • From $6.49 per month
  • No live support

William Summer

William Sumner is a technical writer from Panama City, Florida. As an avid fan of all things tech, William spends his time tinkering with devices and promoting online privacy through the use of virtual private networks and every day common sense.

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