Online privacy and security is more important now than ever. With the number of cyber crimes like identity and credit card theft on the rise, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect yourself online. You might have antivirus software installed, but what about securing your connection to the internet? Webroot has the perfect solution in the form of a VPN. A VPN is a fancy acronym for Verified Private Network. The idea is to keep your IP address (how and where you connect to the internet) completely concealed from people who’d like to monitor your online activity. VPN’s are growing in popularity because they’re affordable and an effective tool to essentially keep you anonymous online. Webroot can protect you while you’re at home, ensuring your family’s entire network is secure, and while you’re connecting to networks on the go. Webroot works across all of your devices and is a seamless solution no matter where your day takes you.

Ease of Use

Webroot is exceptionally easy to get started with. They’ve got an award-winning customer service team to help you through every step. This is super helpful if you’re not well-versed in network security or are using a VPN for the first time. After you purchase your security package, you just follow the instructions to start the download. You’re going to love how easy it is to make you and your family’s network rock solid. After you’ve installed, you get to tweak some of your preferences and this will vary between Mac, PC and Android. Webroot works on all three.

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VPN Features

Webroot offers a variety of products to keep you safe online. They have excellent antivirus software for consumers and businesses. But for the purpose of this review, I’m going to focus on the features of their VPN coverage. The newest feature Webroot has rolled out is wi-fi VPN. This allows you to take your entire wireless network off the grid. Everyone connected to your wi-fi network will be protected from spies and bad actors. Normally, a VPN service protects the device it’s installed on only. With Webroot, you’ve got entire network security like you’d find in offices that require extremely secure networks to keep things top-secret. I mentioned that protection extends to all the devices on the network, but what happens when you leave home? With Webroot, you can enjoy security on your mobile devices and laptops while you’re out. It’s a great feature that works overtime to make sure your devices aren’t compromised by unsecure networks. If you’ve ever used a VPN before, you know it can really slow down internet speed making browsing and downloading take forever. This is not the case with Webroot. Webroot won’t slow you down or mess with your data plan. In addition to all these great features, if you’re searching the internet and stumble on a website that’s insecure or is potentially being used by cybercriminals, Webroot will alert you to make sure you know there’s the potential for danger there. It’s an added bonus and will help you make smart browsing decisions.

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Can I trust Webroot?

Webroot is run by an amazing team and after speaking with their customer service folks, you quickly understand they are true professionals. When picking a VPN service, it’s important to understand the provider’s policy when it comes to monitoring. The whole point of using a VPN is to keep you safe and anonymous online. Some VPN services to monitor their users and turn over data. You need to steer clear of that. Webroot will never monitor you or try and censor your online activity. In addition to a good track record with their customers, Webroot has garnered attention in the press and has been featured in Wired and Entrepreneur Magazines. They’ve won dozens of awards from accredited tech publications and institutions including AV-test.org and PCMag, which it won editor’s choice. There are too many accolades to list here, but if you visit their website, they’ve got a list with links to each of them. Webroot is being used by many banks to secure online banking transactions and activity. All of this to say, yes. You can trust Webroot. If you’d like, you should take a look at their customer reviews. They’re really slaying it.

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Should I consider Webroot?

If you want more security and protection online without sacrificing speed, you definitely need to consider going with Webroot. They’re not the biggest VPN service provider at the moment, but they probably will be soon. For both home and business solutions, Webroot is the premier networking security provider. They’re also extremely affordable. You can get a year of protection both in your home and on the go for under $60. That’s a lot of coverage for a little bit of money. If you’d like to give their wi-fi VPN security for your home only, that’s going to be less than $40 a year. Everyone’s needs are different and it’s great that Webroot offers different plans to help you achieve the level of security to make you comfortable. It’s worth mentioning again that Webroot has incredible customer service. As anyone with any experience with networking will tell you, it can be a tricky beast. Webroot’s got it down to a science and they know just how to make things run smoothly. That being said, Webroot is easy to use and install and you won’t even realize it’s there for the most part. It’s nice to have the behind the scenes protection. Definitely shop around and weigh your options, but don’t skip Webroot. It’s one of the best!

9.6 Total Score
Solid security and an anonymous web presence

The name CyberGhost invokes thoughts of being invisible, and as far as a VPN goes, that is what you get from them. Solid security and an anonymous web presence that holds its own with any service out there. Their interface is easy to use and availability of a proxy site at any time makes for an attractive option.

Ease of use
  • No free trial
  • 1-month service costs $11.99
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